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We envision the beauty of wine to be appreciated by not only wine connoisseurs but by everyone. At Wines Singapore, we want to understand what Wines you enjoy and provide you more of what you like at an even higher standard while maintaining an affordable price.

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Bringing high quality yet affordable wines to you.

We want to change the wine culture by dedicating ourselves to introducing only premium, great tasting yet affordable wines to Singaporeans, so that everyone can enjoy wine on a regularly basis.

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Top 5% wine in Singapore from Vivino

We curate wines that we find are the best within the top 5% in the world. After our meticulous selection, we want to share the joy that comes with our quality wines. Delivered straight to your doorstep, we eliminate the hassle of facing the wide confusing array of alcohol you would find in a typical wine retail store.   

Before presenting our wines to you, we consult Vivino, which is the largest online community for wines, consisting of millions of users to further guarantee that the Wines we have carefully chosen are appraised to be the best. 

A gift that matters

At winesingapore.com.sg, we want to serve and share the beauty of wine not only to connoisseurs but with anyone that wants to explore the intricate layers of wine or someone who simply wants to present a quality gift to people that matter.