About Us

About us:
Wines Singapore is an online platform that brings high quality yet affordable wines to your doorsteps.

Mission Statement:
Wine has been perceived to be a luxury to be drunk only on special occasions. At Wines Singapore however, we want to change the culture by dedicating ourselves to introducing premium, great-tasting yet affordable Wines to the region, so that everyone can enjoy Wine on a regular basis.

We envision the beauty of wine to be appreciated by not only wine connoisseurs but by everyone. At Wines Singapore, we want to understand what Wines you enjoy and provide you more of what you like at an even higher standard while maintaining an affordable price. We want you to have a down to earth; genuine experience with our wines where the fancy details are thrown aside, allowing you to have a wholesome, exquisite taste of a bottle of quality wine. Ultimately, we will have our own vineyards to create our own unique wine taste profiles for you to enjoy. The possibility of flavors of Wine to be created would be endless and we would surely be able to spread the love for Wine across the globe.